Essential Website Bolt-Ons

Add more functionality to your website with one or more of our website bolt ons.  Interact more with your potential clients, book appointments online, live chat, and much more!

Live Chat

Instantly chat with your clients through your website.

Pop Ups

Grab your website visitors attention with a pop up message.

Book Appointments

Allow your clients to book an appointment online.

Ticket Support System

Allow clients to report issues through a ticket support system.


Allow charitable donations to be taken directly through your website.


Connect with all of your online community to discuss subjects publically.


Send professional e-newsletters and manage subscribers.


Allow users to earn cash from referrals.

More bolt ons

Contact us for more bolt on ideas for your website.

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My accountant created a strategy to help improve my business model. Part of that was the creation of a website. After having shopped for a website myself, I felt that I did know enough to know what I was buying. It was a great relief when my accountant recommended an Accendo powered solution. The phone has literally not stopped ringing.

Paul Douglas
Owner, Range Response

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